June 24, 2015

We turned inland from San Diego and within a day or so, the weather changed drastically. We had been warned that the full heat of the desert sun would make biking harder, but man, it is brutal.

Quickly we modified our plans. No longer would we have casual breakfasts and...

June 1, 2015

Someone stops to go to the bathroom. Another says “if you’re going to the bathroom, I’m going to take a picture.”

“If you’re taking a picture, I’m going to tweak this thing on my bike.”

“If you’re tweaking that thing on your bike, I’m going to eat this powerbar.”

“If you’...

May 25, 2015

We did it!

We left!

Six hours behind schedule, with the sun already beginning to set over the Pacific ocean and friends having waited most of the day for us to show up, we arrived at Ocean beach: seven rascals, twenty-eight panniers and three trailers.   Our departure wa...

April 21, 2015

Whoa!  It has been such a crazy busy week!

We surpassed our Kickstarter goal and raised $23,000 for our bike tour!

We were blessed and honored to have actor, Alexis Camille and documentarian Ren Dodge join our troupe.  (Read more about them on The Artists Page)


April 1, 2015

Wow.  Our staged reading on April 1st was so awesome.  It surprised even us.   We were so lucky to be surrounded by such a loving and supportive audience.  We can’t wait to share the final show with you in May.

March 21, 2015

ALLISON:   At the core of training is the power of breath. Notice your breath. Now try to get out of its way.

Just like a painter is keen on color, a sculptor sharp on shape, a chef shrewd to smells; the actor is acute to every intricacy of life. The pallete o...

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