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Rascal Roll Call – Sam

Name: Sam Cordes

From: Kansas City, Missouri

Lives: Kansas City, MO

Go-To Cycling Snack: Banana

Cyclist Rating: Cycling = main transportation

How did you hear about Agile Rascal and what made you want to do it?

I saw a post looking for applicants on my hometown Critical Mass Facebook page. I love theatre and I love bike touring and I’ve always wanted to do something like this, so it was a no-brainer. I also love going to beautiful places I’ve never seen before and working with new people I’ve never met before.

What is bicycle touring theatre to you?

A new idea with deep roots.

Please tell us an embarrassing cycling story.

November of 2011 I was riding my bike, down in the drops, not looking where I was going. Ran into the back of a car that was stopped at a red light. Went through the back windshield. Broke my bike in half and pulverized three of my front teeth. Had to replace my bike and my teeth and the guy’s windshield.

Tell us about your best free theatre experience.

Growing up I spent my summer evenings in Southmoreland Park, in Kansas City at the Heart of the America Shakespeare Festival. Completely free, the festival attracts a diverse demographic both young and old and after having been around for 25 years now, it has become a summer tradition for many. Outdoors, summertime, in the city, Shakespeare. You can’t beat it. My dad is usually in the show. My mom used to be the Executive Director. I’ve been in the show a few times, I’ve worked in the offices, I’ve volunteered and I spent most summers attending Camp Shakespeare (sponsored by the Festival) from the ages of 12 to 18. Met my first girlfriend there. So many amazing memories of the Shakespeare festival. It has made me the man I am today, for sure.

What about Montana intrigues you?

I’ve never been to that corner of the country. I hear it’s beautiful. It’s home to the headquarters of Adventure Cycling Association which I am a member of and have always wanted to visit. Bicycle touring mecca of sorts.

Why do you choose to do live theatre? Especially in a digital age.

There’s nothing else like it. The connection formed between audience and performer during a live performance can not be reproduced through digital means. In a non-live performance the two-lane highway becomes a one-way street and the audience isn’t allowed to participate and inform the performer. Live theatre reminds people they are alive. We will always need it.


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