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In October 2019, Agile Rascal participated in Touchstone Theatre Company's Festival Unbound.

Festival Unbound was an opportunity for the community of Bethlehem, PA to commemorate the historic closing of their famous steel mill and an opportunity to envision a new future. It was also an opportunity for Agile Rascal to envision a new way to collide performing arts with cycling.  Rather than bring the arts to our audiences on bicycles, we brought our audiences, on bikes, to the arts.

Over a 2.5 mile ride, our participants were invited to envision their landscape in a new way - one full of history, possibility, and creative potential.




Saddle up! Our Leader has prepared what is bound to be the most successful hunt for a wild utopia yet.  They've found the best location (Bethlehem), procured the necessary equipment (horses) and gathered the best group of hunters they could find (you!)

But as we head out on our hunt, the locals we encounter seem to have some very different ideas about the specific nature of utopia. Is it some fully-automated dream future or some anachronistic nostalgia trip? Soon the hunt isn't as clear-cut as they had hoped, and a certain Professor who studies delusional utopian pursuits has got a lot of new scholarly material.

But maybe, if utopia is real, it's the approach to the hunt, not the impulse that's wrong.  'To Hunt a Wild Utopia' invites its participants to ask the big questions about what makes a utopia, and what's the point of hunting something so impossible, and yet, so irresistible?

The Leader of the Hunt

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The Professor and his fearless steed, Chowder

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The Leader riding side saddle on Billy, their horse

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A participant (okay, our designer, Lexy) gets ready for the hunt

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An old woman warns us that utopia is always just behind us

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A Sign Spinner tries to sell us on Communism as utopia

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Billy tells of once being a man who worked at the mill

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The Busker spins tales of bygone utopias

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Jackie Rivera - The Leader

Sam Cordes - The Professor        

Dara Silverman - The Horse

Kendrick Haunt - The Teenager, The Old   

                                       Woman, Fisher Person 1

Kean Haunt - The Dates, Sign Spinner 1,

                              Fisher Person 2

Jaren Feeley - The Lover, Sign Spinner 2,

                                The Busker   

Dara Silverman - Writer and Director

Lexy Ho-Tai - Horse Puppets, Props

Jaren Feeley - Composer

Kendrick Haunt - Costumes

Rose Schwietz - Stage Manager

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