Rascal Roll Call- Lexy Ho-Tai

Visual and set designer Lexy Ho-Tai joins Agile Rascal to create a kickass theatre set made entirely out of recycled plastic for their Flori

Michael Hulburt- Rascal Roll Call

"Live theatre, it's more of a rush than movies" ​ ​Rascal: Michael Hulburt First Agile Rascal Tour Role: Actor and Musician Lives: New England From: Virginia Go-To Biking Snack: Trail mix with lots of M&Ms Cyclist Rating: 5 out of 5... 80 miles and 6 flat tires no problem. Favorite Song to Sing while cycling: Chemical Brothers: Hey Boy, Hey Girl Why did you choose to join Agile Rascal for their Florida tour? When I saw Sunlight on the Brink in 2015, I thought, “I would like to do that.” Then in 2017 I was in a bike shop in Missoula and I saw a flier for We Called it Resonance, which I missed by a month. Two days later Paola Pilnik sent me a link to the Agile Rascal website where there was a

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