In the Summer of 2015, Agile Rascal Traveling Bike Theatre was the first theatre troupe to tour an original play across the country, traveling the whole way on bicycles. Making our way from San Francisco, California to New York City, the seven crew members carried costumes, set and props on bicycles, pedaling an average of 350 miles a week for over three months, traveling over 4,600 miles. We performed in seventeen cities and towns along the way, at venues that varied from bicycle shops, farms and bakeries to more traditional theatre spaces.


Our original play, Sunlight on the Brink was devised by the performers, under the leadership of playwright, Dara Silverman, who proposed “the intersection of Technology, Spirituality and Capitalism” as a  jumping off point. The play that ultimately emerged from over nine months of collaborative creative work incorporated many themes that ran parallel to the bicycle journey we were about to undertake including: humanity’s responsibility for each other and for the natural world, as well as the search for meaning even in these extreme times.  


The play takes place in the American Southwest after a massive drought has forced the entire population of the West Coast to head east. At a gas station in the desert, a station attendant and a child wait to be rescued; they are joined by a marine biologist who missed the evacuation while at sea, and a pair of spiritual travelers heading west. As the water at the gas station runs out, our characters must choose whether to confront their terrifying situation or continue to deny what’s increasingly hard to avoid.

Lelia Johnson - Jules/Bird

John Paul Olsen - The Attendant

Dara Silverman - The Kid


Alexis Camille - The Internet/Bird

Ren Dodge - Lighting and Sound Technician

Allison Fenner - The Scientist

Jenny Hipscher - Chaser/Lizard/Sea Creature

All set up at The Experimentation Station in Chicago

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The Attendant surveys the landscape

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Jules and Chaser can't wait to live more with less (less water, that is)

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The Attendant and The Scientist try in vain to catch the Internet

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A wily lizard hunts and is hunted

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The Kid recounts a dream of a time after humans

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Two vultures put their heads together to find food

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The Internet escapes those busy soaking the sun through their feet

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5/15   San Francisco, CA @ Sports Basement

5/16   Oakland, CA @ Omni Commons

6/1     Los Angeles, CA @ Santa Monica Pier

6/4    Encinitas, CA @ First Thursday

6/13   Tucson, AZ @ BICAS

6/20  Silver City, NM @ Buckhorn Opera House

6/26  Albuquerque, NM @ Sol Harvest Farm

7/11    Denver, CO @ 2330 Central Park Blvd

7/18   Kansas City, MO @ Family Bicycles

7/21   Columbia, MO @ Yoga Sol

8/1     Chicago, IL @ Experimental Station

8/7    Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex

8/15   Ithaca, NY @ Circus Culture

8/19   Northampton, MA @ Hungry Ghost Bread

8/22  Boston, MA @ Somerville Armory

8/28  New York, NY @ Alchemical Theatre Lab

8/29  Brooklyn, NY @ Our Lady of Refuge

Sunrise splay out in Laguna Beach

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Navigating the beauteous Southern California

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Fenner blends in, in Bradley, California

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Jenny and Alexis play chicken with a semi

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Jenny works her massage magic on Lelia's injured shoulder

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John venerates an ancient tree in the Mimbres, New Mexico

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Lunch after a dip in the Quabbin reservoir in Massachusetts

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All seven of us made it to New York! We never thought we'd make it!

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  • 4,600+ miles biked

  • 17 performances

  • 105 days on the road

  • 6 performers

  • 1 technician

  • 6 regular bikes

  • 1 cargo bike

  • 3 trailers left in Denver