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Agile Rascal is a theater company that intersects the arts and cycling.

Our mission is to make innovative theater accessible, promote cycling as a viable means of transportation, inspire reverence for our natural landscape and foster creative connections between artists, activists and cyclists.



We believe that art should be smart and funny, strange and lovely, and that it should be unstuffy, free, and inviting to all people. 


We aim to create shows that explore the many connections between our beliefs and values and the natural world that we are a part of.  


By touring on bicycle and creating from used materials, we challenge ourselves to imagine new and deeper connections to the earth, including the creatures and people who live on it.


We work to build a community that: does a lot with a little, minimizes our impact on the land, works collaboratively, shares decision-making and responsibilities, and values different backgrounds, experiences, bodies, and abilities.

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