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Rascal Roll Call- Kendrick Haunt

"I understand how valuable theatre is as a tool for change and discovery."

Rascal: Kendrick Haunt

First Rascal Tour

Role: Costume Designer & Actor

Lives: Bozeman, MT

From: It's complicated

Go-To Biking Snack: Banana

Favorite Song-to-Sing while biking: 500 Miles

Cyclist Rating: 3/5

Why did you choose to join Agile Rascal for their Florida tour?

My brother was a part of the Montana tour and I was lucky enough to see them perform. I was inspired by how the company used everything they had at their disposal, including camping equipment, to create sets and costumes and props. I told myself that I would apply to the next tour, and here I am!

What makes you excited about performing and biking in Florida?

photo: Stacie Pottinger

I'm really excited to explore the landscape and wildlife of Florida in a different way than ever before. I used to go there on vacation with my parents when I was really little and I only remember it in snippets. I'm excited to experience the state in a much slower and more personal way.

Can you tell us a story of bicycling?

This is a throwback...when I was a little kid my mom had a tag-along extension on the back of her bike so that I could pedal and go along for a ride, too, without having to keep up on my own. Instead of actually pedaling and paying attention, my favorite thing to do back there was to dance and do acrobatics. One time I got far too excited and managed to get my foot caught in the spokes. By some miracle I did not to break myself or the tag-along, but my parents had to work my leg back out of the bike, so we could be on our way.

photo: Karen Hipscher

Why do you choose to do live theatre?

There is an intense sense of connection to people and place that I have found in theatre that I have never found anywhere else. I think that there is some sort of magic, sacred journey that a group of people goes on through the telling of a story in such an immersive manner, especially when it is taken out of the context of a traditional theatre space. I definitely felt this when I first started performing as a kid, but the older I get the more I understand how valuable this is as a tool for change and discovery.

What will it mean to intersect bicycles, environment and theatre?

Biking has always just been a convenient and more pleasant way to get around town for me, so this tour will open up a very different relationship to biking. I'm excited to approach theatre and travel in a slower, less tech-heavy way than I have my entire life, and see how that changes its significance for me.


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