Two Poems

1. Arriving at Sunlight on the Brink Interspersed with snare and Moments of chaos, Wild drumming electronic. Like the live- wanna hear it clash with the Electro Fade New primordial Brink Silence is breath stopping Stop breathing Brink of breath Shimmer Breath Perpetual loop Shift Round Tribe shift New wild Exploring the brink Drop in the bucket Intense Dispense Capture the brink Capture the shimmer The New perpetual brink Primordial brink Polyshimmerbrink Pulse No tragedy Cycle that is re making itself as it goes honing closer to that truth in some gesture the gaze and stance of real now sorrow hope lust greed lavishing the wasteful wealth that is destined

Under the Desert Sun

We turned inland from San Diego and within a day or so, the weather changed drastically. We had been warned that the full heat of the desert sun would make biking harder, but man, it is brutal. Quickly we modified our plans. No longer would we have casual breakfasts and leisurely departure times. We would wake early and ride in the dark morning hours to beat the heat of the day. “Up at 2 am!” we say. “On the road by 3!” we say. Realistically we leave at 4am, but it still feels like a victory. No longer do we have the time to chat leisurely on our bikes or the energy to quibble during our breaks. A flat tire by the side of the road with no shade in 100 degree heat is now an extreme exercise i

Lightening our load

Someone stops to go to the bathroom. Another says “if you’re going to the bathroom, I’m going to take a picture.” “If you’re taking a picture, I’m going to tweak this thing on my bike.” “If you’re tweaking that thing on your bike, I’m going to eat this powerbar.” “If you’re going to eat that powerbar, I’m going to check the route” ”Everybody ready to go?” “Yes!” “Let’s go!” “Wait, I have to go to the bathroom!” Everything is taking so much more time than we had ever anticipated. And with some of us still virtually strangers, some of us old friends, some of us still striking the same nerves over and over again in each other, eventually the stress of too many miles and not enough time, and no

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