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Rascal Roll Call- Jackie Rivera

"You can’t not feel SOMETHING."

This is Ashley making a stock photo

Rascal: Jackie Rivera

Rascal Vet: 2nd Tour

Role: Production Manager

Special Talent: Brings the Heat

Lives: Brooklyn/Everywhere #vanlife

From: Tampa, FL

Go-To Biking Snack: Sardines with a smashed loaf of sun-warmed wheat bread.

Favorite Song-to-Sing while biking: Ooh La La - The Faces

Cyclist Rating: 4/5

Why did you choose to join Agile Rascal for their Florida tour?

Because once you pop you just can’t stop.

Should the need arise, what is your strategy for wrestling crocodiles?

Wrestling isn’t necessary if you’ve successfully implemented the zig-zag run like every good Floridian child is taught - crucial swamp survival!

What makes you excited about performing and biking in Florida?

I'm excited to bring the Rascal magic to old friends and new fans! And as far as biking goes...Flat Flat Florida in February! And stoked about all of the water!

And what is intriguing about Florida to you?

It’s a place that scientifically should never have been developed, and no matter the damage it has incurred by natural disaster... people STILL cling to its promise of paradise. It’s the American Mirage! Florida invented fake news.

Do you have any personal goals for this theatre project?

This year I’m hoping to involve the science of what’s happening to the area of Florida and what’s been happening and apply that in a fun and entertaining way. So I guess personally it would mean to immerse myself in the scientific research and become more knowledgeable about the facts and more importantly - what we can do about it!

Please tell us a funny story from the stage..

One time (in Florida) I did this play where my character is referenced as being a “pretty girl” in the scenes before I enter. And this old guy in the FRONT ROW thought he’d crack a joke to his wife or whatever, point being it was clear and audible. So after I enter I hear him say to the person next to him - “I thought she was supposed to be pretty?” 😳 and then my character doesn’t leave the stage for an hour and a half... so I just had to do the whole show with that garbage ringing in my ears.

Can you tell us a funny bicycling story? time I was riding my bike in Brooklyn and some guy whipped past me and said “Nice burrito!” And I had NO idea what he meant...but I still registered the compliment. Later I found out that’s what the cool kids call a handlebar bag.

Why do you choose to do live theatre?

It’s one of those experiences one never forgets, for better or worse. It’s connection and resonance is inherent by proximity. You can’t not feel SOMETHING.

photo: Karen Hipscher

Tell us about your favorite outdoor or free theatre experience.

I have more of a general answer for this- free/outdoor theater usually breaks all of the rules of conventional theater. It’s accessibility is what I love about it most. You almost NEVER need a reservation or buy tickets in advance- you can decide on the spot or sometimes it can even find you. It’s the people’s theater!


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