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Rascal Roll Call- Miguel Alejandro Castillo

"This theatre troupe is a little drop of water in the ocean, but this theatre troupe is not a drop of oil or a piece of plastic."

Rascal: Miguel Alejandro Castillo

First Rascal Tour

Role: Performer / Lighting Designer

Special Talent: I am a dance dance revolution family champion

Lives: New York City

From: Caracas, Venezuela

Go-To Biking Snack: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

Favorite Song-to-Sing while biking: I'm Alive, by Celine Dion singing it with all my lungs.

Cyclist Rating: 3/5

​​Why did you choose to join Agile Rascal for their Florida tour?

It makes me sad to know that climate change is happening. It makes me sad that climate refugees are not taken seriously. It makes me sad that governments, nations, and households take it slightly. It makes me sad that I ignore it at times. Climate change is a reality and the scale of the problem demands radical actions, communal efforts, imagination, devotion and support from each other. This theatre troupe is a little drop of water in the ocean, but this theatre troupe is not a drop of oil or a piece of plastic. Being part of something that is bringing some positive vibes with a sense of consciousness makes me feel proud and diligent.

Should the need arise, what is your strategy for wrestling crocodiles?

Tango Dance

​​What makes you excited about performing and biking in Florida?

I love this quote from Rebecca Solnit: “Resistance is first of all a matter of principle and a way to live, to make yourself one small republic of unconquered spirit. You hope for results, but you don't depend on them.” Going to Florida, and performing with this group of incredible people means changing my way of living, putting forth my principles and live by them. This act of resistance looks like a theatre on bikes through the landscapes of swamps and seas and small villages and Disney. Agile Rascal feels to me like that republic of unconquered spirit.

And what is intriguing about Florida to you?

The Florida Man.

Tell us a funny story from the stage.

I was once wearing a giant mouse head and almost fell of the stage. I think it could have been tragic.

Tell us about your favorite outdoor or free theatre experience.

I was 7 years old and I saw a spectacle about Don Quixote. It was at night, and he was on a giant shinny balloon. It was surreal.

What does it mean to intersect bicycles, environment and theater?

We will see...sea.

Why do you choose to do live theatre?

Laughter is insatiable, people smile at each other in subways and mangoes still grow in the chaos of turmoiled countries. In a world full of pain and indifference, my intention is to help myself and others to see clearly our shared humanity and to act upon it. Dance and theatre are the tools that I found to draw attention to and celebrate beauty and connectedness.


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