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“It's impossible to make a living in the theater. But it's not hard enough. Let's make sure that when we show up, we'll be sweaty.” 

 -Peter Sagal of Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, quizzing Michael Hulburt of Agile Rascal


“Sustainability and environmental issues are of great importance in Southwest Florida, and we were thrilled to host such a unique and entertaining group to help spread this message and raise awareness of these issues in the Lee County Library System. The Agile Rascals performance was fun and one-of-a-kind!”


-Melissa Ann Baker,

Manager of Programming and Community Outreach, Lee County Library System, Fort Myers, FL

"During their time with the AIRIE residency, the  Agile Rascals inspired and invigorated everyone they came in contact with, from Everglades explorers to arts patrons. On a personal level, they were charming and interesting with infectious creativity and fresh point of view. As a group they were awe-inspiring, first in their quest to explore the state of Florida by bicycle and second through their original (and portable) performance and its message of conservation and transformation."


-Valerie Ricordi, Board Member, AIRIE,

Everglades National Park, Homestead, FL 


“The Agile Rascals pedaled to Lewistown Montana during the summer of 2017. They rolled into town with innovative ideas, unique theater experiences, and contagious enthusiasm. We count ourselves lucky to have experienced this distinctive Bicycle Touring Theatre group."

-Danielle Buehler, Director of The Lewistown Library, Lewistown MT

"Wow, the Agile Rascals brought together community for an inspiring evening of merry making and awe. The energy and power of the bicycle powered theater troupe left a hopeful wake of renewed spirit and adventure! We hope they roll into Free Cycles Missoula again one day!"

-Bob Giordano, Director of Free Cycles, Missoula MT


"Circus Culture had a fabulous time working with Agile Rascal. Their message is potent and important, their team a pleasure to work with, and their impact on our community positive and inspiring. We recommend them to anyone who wishes for an authentic and creative experience!"

-Amy Cohen, Director of Circus Culture, Ithaca, NY

"The Agile Rascals are superhero-like adventurers via human powered bicycles that traveled from afar to bring us a whimsical, environmental, post-apocalyptic show that was quite enjoyable! I loved the personification of catching a wifi signal and the lizard a skateboard! Their  props were made from cardboard and created a perfect post apocalyptic feel. I can’t wait until y’all come back to Detroit!"


-Joshua Allen, Resident at Trumbullplex, Detroit, MI

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