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Rascal Roll Call- Lexy Ho-Tai

"Alternative forms of storytelling offer alternative ways to imagine the future."

Rascal: Lexy Ho-Tai

First Rascal Tour

Role: Set Designer/ Visual World Maker

Lives: New York, NY

From: Suburbia-outside-of-Toronto, Canada

Go-To Biking Snack: Apples + chocolate + water

Favorite Song to Sing while cycling: Usually just yelling at people or cars....oh the joys of biking in NYC

Cyclist Rating: 4/5

photo: Stacie Pottinger

Why did you choose to join Agile Rascal for their Florida tour?

When I found out about the opportunity, I was ECSTATIC. It fits so many things I love and care about: Art-making! Collaboration! Environmental awareness! Sustainability! Education! Accessible/free art! Biking! Play! Travel! Unconventional art spaces! I feel incredibly privileged and excited to be part of the Agile Rascal team for the Florida tour.

What is intriguing about Florida to you?

I know very little about Florida, and my image of Florida is definitely the stereotypical "Disneyland and old retired white folks." Of course, there's much more than that, and I'm intrigued to learn more about the Florida culture, history, and environment.

Tell us an embarassing cycling story.

In Manhattan, I once biked into a parked car, tumbled, and fell off. A lot of people came over to see if I was okay. A PARKED CAR!!!! I don't know how this happened. So embarrassing, and I couldn't get mad at anyone - just myself. (SERIOUSLY - a PARKED CAR!?!?!)

photo: Karen Hipscher

Why do you choose to do live theatre?

Theatre is relatively new to me! I've started making props, costumes, and sets in the past year, and I'm really fascinated and in love with the inherently collaborative aspect of theatre, and how it's the intersection of so many disciplines and art forms. I am also *so not a performer* - and most of my friends are visual artists- so I love being exposed to the thought process and creative expression of actors, actresses, musicians, performers, light designers, sound designers, and all the rest! It's incredibly beautiful and exciting to see different modes of expression coming together in one final shared vision.

What will it mean to intersect bicycles, environment and theatre?

Alternative forms of storytelling offers alternative ways to imagine the future. I think that's incredibly powerful.

Jenny emerges as Sea Creature. Photo: Ren Dodge

Do you have a personal goal for this theatre project?

Create a kick-ass set from recycled materials! YEAH! Hoping to experiment with plastics and inflatables -- delve into a new medium, which is one of my favorite things to do. I think this project offers a new set of challenges (creating a whole new world, while still being lightweight and transportable, eeek). So I'm hoping I can make something awesome, whilst still having minimal harmful impact on the environment.


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