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For Agile Rascal's sophomore effort, we picked the state of Montana both because of its stunning landscapes and also because we had been invited to perform at the Whitefish Bicycle retreat. Wanting to bring in some fresh blood, Agile Rascal put out the call across the country to find other like-minded artists and cyclists to join us for our first regional tour.


We spent the first five weeks of our time together in Great Falls, Montana, devising a piece that would ultimately become “We Called it Resonance.”  We then spent the next six weeks touring it across 1,200 miles of beautiful Montana landscapes, performing in small towns and somewhat less small cities.  


In the summer of 2017, we lived and created for five weeks in Great Falls, Montana, and the play that resulted from our residency blended our diverse creative styles with Montana’s history and the people we met there.

Our original, musical play, We Called it Resonance, takes place in the fictional small town of Resonance, MT, a mining town full of 'resonance,' the raw material extracted from the earth to make sound.  The people of Resonance are proud and profuse with their resource, which gives them language and culture, but also causes pain and is easily wasted.  When an accident at the mine forces the town’s people to reckon with their dwindling reserves, Junior, an opinionated 7 and ¾ year old and Gordon, their mysteriously mute best friend, decide to save the day.


Sarah Bell - Eileen Buckets/The Bear

Sam Cordes - Gordon                                          

Jaren Feeley - Lemin Squee-Z

Lelia Johnson - Genevieve     

Kean Haunt - Glenn/Skip the Miner/The Bird

John Paul Olsen - David Reiner

Jackie Rivera - Junior

Dara Silverman - Mona Boggle


Sarah Bell - Costumes / Prop Design

Jaren Feeley - Composer

All set up at The Whitefish Bike Retreat

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Rehearsals at The Ursuline Center in Great Falls, MT

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Junior rocks out about sound conservation (the irony isn't lost on us)

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Mona Boggle - charmingly oblivious as always

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Grandma loves her grandbaby (She's not a baby she's 7 3/4!)

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Skip the Miner recounts the ear-shattering explosion at the mine

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Radio David and Eileen Buckets find love in a stressful moment

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Junior and Gordon contemplate the mysterious forces of the universe

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6/30 Great Falls @ Ursuline Center
7/4    Havre @ Pepin Park  
7/11   Lewistown @ Lewistown Public Library
7/15   Billings @ Moss Mansion
7/20  Bozeman @ The Story Mansion Park
7/23  Helena @ M.O.P. Shop
7/28  Missoula @ Free Cycles
8/3    Eureka @ H.A. Brewing Company
8/5    Whitefish @ Whitefish Bike Retreat
8/11   Great Falls @ Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art

Touring the Treasure State

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Jackie shows her pride

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Kean is tired after a day on the road.

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Jackie and John cook dinner on the road

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Sam, in his natural habitat

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Voracious beasts devour lunch by the side of the road

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Summiting Going-To-The-Sun-Road in Glacier National Park at 6,600 ft, but who's counting? (Answer: we were!)

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Jaren views his kingdom

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  • 1,200+ miles biked

  • 10 performances

  • 42 days on the road

  • 8 performers

  • 6 regular bikes

  • 2 cargo bikes

  • 1 speaker, 1 saxophone, 1 banjo, 7 buckets, 14 drumsticks carried

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