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2022 - 2023

The Philly Bike Play (currently untitled)  is an immersive, full-length play that puts the audience on bicycles. The play follows a food delivery worker on the day they are killed by vehicular violence, and continues into the afterlife with them.  The piece is a love song to the bicycle that addresses issues of bicycle safety and transportation justice, as well as being a meditation on life and loss.

  The play will be staged along a two-mile, protected bike lane on MLK Drive in Philadelphia for a total of a four-mile ride.


Audiences of twenty riders will pedal alongside the protagonist as the narrative unfolds on bike and at stops along the path. By putting the audience on bike, we ask them to embody the experience of the protagonist.

The plan currently is to have a staged (biked) reading in June, and to perform the piece throughout

September 2023, as part of the Fringe Festival. 

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