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Visionary Visual Artist Wanted for Futuristic, Physical and Immersive Theater Project

Agile Rascal and is looking to collaborate with a brilliant visual artist/assemblage artist/sculptor to help us develop a distinct "look" on the road and to build a portable theater set out of used and discarded plastic.

​ABOUT OUR NEXT PROJECT: For our next project, we are touring the state of Florida in the spring of 2019. For this project, we are busting out of the box with the premise of being a futuristic, post-peak oil theater troupe - one that tours on bicycles due to the lack of petroleum-based transport and that builds their set out of available discarded materials. We will devise our play while at AIRIE - the Artists-in-Residence program in the Everglades National Park - in January and will tour it through the state in February and March.

Kamilo by Aurora Robson, 2011

60” x 48” x 36” 100% ocean plastic debris

ABOUT THE SET: ​​We are looking for a bad ass artist who can build us a set from used materials (possibly from discarded inner tubes from the many waterparks in Florida?) that can be carried on trailers behind our bicycles and set up prior to each show. As we will be developing the setting and story for the play during our residency, ideally our visual artist would either create the set in advance, or be nearby in Florida to build the set in creative collaboration with our play-making.

Starburst by FriendsWithYou, 2011

This promises to be an excellent opportunity to work collaboratively across disciplines to create a beautiful, fully immersive and portable universe, while at the same time drawing attention to the flagrant wastefulness of our planet’s resources.


FUNDING: Artist stipend and materials budget. ONE MORE NOTE: Let us know if you are also interested in joining us on the tour. We are always looking to connect with other creative, physical and adventurous artists. CONTACT: Please email at: with links to creative work.


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