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“We Called it Resonance” opens tomorrow night! in Great Falls and on Facebook Live!


Tomorrow night is opening night! For the past month we have been hard at work, and tomorrow night all that work finally pays off!

Since I last wrote, our schedule became amorphous – each day is dictated by what the play needs. But if anything, the days became more demanding. When not devising, we are singing, when not singing, we are crafting, when not crafting we are writing and biking and costume shopping and memorizing lines.

Our play, “We Called it Resonance,” tells the story of a small town caught between unsustainable tradition and an unknown future. Naturally it is packed with inventive moments, memorable characters and catchy tunes.

We will be performing our show in front of an audience for the first time tomorrow night, right here at the Ursuline Center in Great Falls, Montana. Our show will be at 8pm Mountain Time, and we will be live streaming it on Facebook, so head over to the Agile Rascal Bicycle Touring Facebook Page tomorrow night a little bit before 8pm to tune in.

On Saturday, the very next day, we pack up and hit the road. Our play will continue to evolve and change as we encounter new people, places and ideas on our six week journey across the state, and we will do our best to find ways to share our progress with everyone at home, so stay tuned.

Much love,

The Agile Rascals


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