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Rascal Roll Call – Jaren Feeley

Name: Jaren Feeley

From: The Bay Area, Ca

Lives: Split between the Bay and London

Go-To Cycling Snack: Peanut butter slathered on an apple

Cyclist Rating: Crushes watermelons with his cyclist thighs

How did you hear about Agile Rascal and what made you want to do it?

Traveling under the sun, camping under the stars, moving at a human pace from town to town providing people with powerful artistic experiences… this kind of project has long been a dream of mine. I found Agile Rascals online, and was impressed with the clear vision, the organization, and the talented individuals from across the US that were coming together to form a one-of-a-kind ensemble.

What is bicycle touring theatre to you?

A simple and honest way to better understand the spaces between our cities and ourselves.

Please tell us an embarrassing cycling story.

A couple weeks ago, to help out a friend, I tried transporting two bicycles by riding them both simultaneously. I was riding verrry slowly. Alas, as I passed a couple of small children I fell onto the pavement verrry slowly with a thud. I was a little dazed but I seem to recall one of them clapping and shrieking with joy.

Tell us about your best free theatre experience.

Watching the street dancers of Amsterdam is a master-class in engaging audiences: the way we were brought in close, talked at and joked with, invited to join the performance, and made to feel a part of something that was only ever going to happen once–right there as the sun set on a day that was ever going to happen once.

What about Montana intrigues you?

The mountains, the promise of stars, and the cultures that grow in wider spaces.

Why do you choose to do live theatre? Especially in a digital age.

If it was 1917, I’d probably be more interested in making recordings. But in an age of Netflix and Spotify, I think bringing a community of bodies and minds together is much more subversive and interesting!

Hear Jaren’s music at his website:


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