Adventures at the Intersection of Theater and Cycling

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Two Poems

June 28, 2015


Arriving at Sunlight on the Brink


Interspersed with snare and
Moments of chaos,
Wild drumming electronic.
Like the live- wanna hear it clash with the
New primordial
Silence is breath stopping
Stop breathing
Brink of breath
Shimmer Breath
Perpetual loop
Tribe shift
New wild
Exploring the brink
Drop in the bucket
Intense Dispense
Capture the brink
Capture the shimmer
The New perpetual brink
Primordial brink
No tragedy
that is re making itself as it goes
honing closer to that truth in some
the gaze
and stance of real now
hope lust
greed lavishing the wasteful wealth that is destined to dry out soon so soon

it has to

we are not irrational numbers

not eternal i


wet temporal sludge and watery bag machines.
wild as wind is changing sands and swelling rivers washing their shores smooth after so much pent up time in ice.




The rolling androgyny of California’s landscape
Flows determined uphill
To chapperelle spotted stretches
70 miles to water, we fly on a thin circle of air.
Sexless flat dry heat.
Breath slow and swallow your words whenever possible.

Tiny homes dot a slow pace
I want to make postcards out of these lives we pass
I want to capture the romantic feeling of a large field of yellow
I want to share some picture of where I am
Can you understand this hill, the third one of the day and we are only five miles in?

Get to know the stranger
Always around you means I’m more
Always around myself
On top of all the rigor
Hoping for a kind of word
It hurts to ask for


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