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We did it!

Whoa! It has been such a crazy busy week!

We surpassed our Kickstarter goal and raised $23,000 for our bike tour!

We were blessed and honored to have actor, Alexis Camille and documentarian Ren Dodge join our troupe. (Read more about them on The Artists Page)

With a a little less than a month before our first show and a little over a month before our departure, we are feeling so stoked and so busy!!!

If you missed our Kickstarter campaign, don’t worry! You can still make a donation to our project! Here’s how on the Donation Page.

Hopefully our blog posts will be a little more frequent once all the craziness of getting the play ready and getting out the door has settled down. We can’t wait to keep you up to date of our adventures.


The Rascals


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