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Agile Rascal offers workshops in theatre and bicycle maintenance to the communities we visit while on tour.  Our workshops can be tailored to specific communities and students of any age, including adults.


Putting on a play is more than just showing off.  Theatre education teaches important life skills such as listening, self-expression and empathy.  In our Theatre Workshop, we create a safe space for play and exploration, and teach the same exercises that we use to make our innovative performances.

"Agile Rascal is such a unique program, and brings such a wonderful display of the arts to rural areas.  The participants in the youth workshop learned so much and really became excited about theater.  We as a library were very fortunate to offer a program of this caliber to our patrons.”


  -  KellyAnne Terry, Director, Lewistown Public Library, Lewistown, MT


Learning to maintain a bicycle creates confidence, independence and a sense of self-reliance.  In our workshops, we teach basic maintenance and do our best to offer assistance with any other mechanical issues. It’s our goal to remove any obstacles that prevent people from riding their bikes.

"To say that Agile Rascal engaged our students would be the understatement of the year. Considering that they are at an age when the cool thing is to not participate, Agile Rascal was able to meet our students where they were at and get them excited to learn theatre techniques and how to keep their bikes in safe, working condition. Teenagers turning wrenches enthusiastically! It was a sight to behold!”


  -  Dave Schuster, Program Director, Private Therapeutic Boarding School in Montana.

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