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2020 - 2022

In the summer of 2022, Agile Rascal will be taking our latest show on the road, hauling our costumes, puppets and instruments over the hills and valleys of the occupied territories of the Munsee Lenape, Mohawk, Mohican, Haudenosaunee, Onundagaonoga,  Susquehannock, Nascotchtank, Nentego and Lenni-Lenape people (Also known as New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.


This is the culmination of a project we began in 2020 in light of Covid-19, as ideas from before this time suddenly seemed less relevant, and new ideas were begging for a creative container to hold them.


We have developed this project both over zoom, and in person, as Artist's in Residence at The Sable Project  in Stockbridge, Vermont.

Stay tuned for show locations and dates coming soon!





Miguel Alejandro Castillo 

Sam Cordes

Selena Feliciano

Jaren Feeley

Kean Haunt

Kendrick Haunt

Jenny Hipscher

Lexy Ho-Tai

Cameron Nielson

John Paul Olsen

Jackie Rivera

Rose Schwietz

Dara Silverman

A compilation of our "zoom" work

The play that is emerging  moves the spotlight  from the human world and zooms in on the natural world and the structures that coexist alongside our fragile and breaking systems. Incorporating puppetry, masks, movement and music, we’re trying to understand what can be learned from exploring the vast microcosms around us.

This project is also an opportunity to revisit and revise the ways that we  bicycle tour, share space and care for one another.  On the road, it's imperative that everyone is safe—their equipment well-maintained, their load manageable, and their bodies  well-rested.  As collaborators who share close quarters for weeks at a time, it's so important that we divide up the labor, create a clear division between work and leisure time, and respect each other's personal boundaries.  And as a company, we are constantly examining the ways we create our community culture— how to create trust and intimacy, give and receive feedback, and discuss issues of privilege and equity through a spectrum of lenses.



  • 12 Rascals

  • 14 days on bicycle

  • 400 miles roundtrip

  • 15,089 feet of climbing

  • 21 days of artist residency

  • 2 suspected bouts of Lyme disease (treated with anti-biotics!)

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