In light of COVID-19, we decided to start a new creative exploration, as ideas from before this time suddenly seemed less relevant, and new ideas were begging for a creative container to hold them. 


Since July 2020, we’ve been meeting twice a month on zoom to share creative offerings, and now have the beginnings of a brand new play (not a zoom play!) What’s emerging is a story that moves the spotlight from the human world and zooms in on the natural world and the structures that coexist alongside our fragile and breaking systems. Incorporating puppetry, masks, movement and music, we’re trying to understand what can be learned from exploring the vast microcosms around us.

Compilation of creative work generated in our "zoom residency"


Stills from creative work by Lexy Ho-Tai, Miguel Castillo, Jenny Hipscher and Kendrick Haunt

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  We've been watching and waiting, to see if it would be safe to tour in 2021, and ultimately have concluded that, even with all the safety precautions, it still doesn't seem like a good idea.


 But, we've been invited to be the Artists-In-Residence this summer at The Sable Project - a farm collective in Vermont, to continue working on this piece, all together, in person. 


Of course, it wouldn't be an Agile Rascal project without bikes, so we’ll be convening in Massachusetts (after extremely strict covid protocol) to get on our bicycles and pedal our way to Vermont. There, we'll be working tirelessly every day to bring this new play, from this new time, into life, with the hopes that we can tour it in the summer of 2022. 


  • 12 Rascals

  • 14 days on bicycle

  • 400 miles roundtrip

  • 15,089 feet of climbing

  • 21 days of artist residency