Adventures at the Intersection of Theater and Cycling

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Our mission is to make the arts accessible, promote sustainable travel, and inspire reverence for our natural landscape wherever our two wheels can take us.


Our vision is that one day every community, urban or rural, will have access to new and innovative performing arts and to green transport, thus creating a more connected, creative, environmental and adventurous world.

  • Creating a play collectively democratizes the creative process and brings multiple voices into one shared story.

  • Making a performance for a specific region means learning new culture and history, pushes us outside our comfort zones, and attunes us to place in a deeper way.

  • Traveling on bicycles and living together necessitates constant consensus, compromise and commitment to one another.  

  • Relying on audience members and people we meet on the road for water, bathrooms and occasional shelter requires vulnerability and trust.


These overlapping challenges aren’t incidental, rather they are integral to Agile Rascal as a troupe, a project, and a way of life.