Adventures at the Intersection of Theater and Cycling

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Bicycling and theatre are both vulnerable acts.  On the road, there are no steel doors to protect us.  On stage, there is no screen to mitigate exposure.  We have no protection.  We are sunburned and sweaty and it takes us all day to traverse a distance that would take someone an hour in a car.  We use minimal adornment to turn our camping and bike touring gear into theatre pieces, costumes, props, and sets. We rely on strangers to sleep in their backyards and use their bathrooms.  There is something absurd, humbling and occasionally even humiliating in what we do.  If we aren’t connected and supportive of one another at all times, we risk our own safety and sanity.

2017 Montana Tour
2015 US Tour

2019 Florida Tour

2019 Bethlehem Project