For our third effort, Agile Rascal selected the state of Florida as our inspiration and our audience.  The flat landscape and warm winter nights meant that we could experiment with a more elaborate set, props and lighting.  Once again, we gathered participants, some old, some new, from all over the country, to create a brand new play for the state of Florida.

We were honored to be selected as the Artists-in-Residence in Everglades National Park, where we  worked tirelessly to create "Good Time Pedalers' Preservation Carnival."  We then spent the next six weeks touring it across 1,000 miles of swamp, beaches and sprawl, performing in cities and towns across the state.  


In the winter of 2019, we lived and created for five weeks in the Everglades National Park, through the AIRIE program. and the play that resulted was a combination of research and experience regarding the environmental challenges that the Everglades face, as interpreted through our diverse creative styles.

"Pedalers'" tells the story of a bike-touring theatre company that travels a future, post-climate change Florida landscape teeming with alligators, mosquitos, and sawgrass. The “carnival” they bring glorifies America’s past “Age of Abundance” and offers a distraction from the battle against the elements that living in Florida has become. However, after the pedalers lose Nonna Harmonia, their founder and matriarch, they question whether to continue in the name of tradition, or to evolve their show to respond to the changing needs of their community and to develop a new relationship with nature.


Miguel Alejandro Castillo - Minnelli

Joel Knopf - Jeep           

Kendrick Haunt - Kellogg

Michael Hulburt - Mac   

 Jackie Rivera - Jiffy

Dara Silverman - Dolby                                      

Ashley Whiting - Archbold / Nonna      

Miguel Alejandro Castillo - Lights

Joel Knopf - Music Composition

Kendrick Haunt - Costume Design

Jenny Hipscher - Director & Playwright  

Lexy Ho-Tai - Puppets and Props         

Michael Hulburt - Set Construction

Dara Silverman - Playwright

Ashley Whiting - Lyrics and Music

Nick Zelle - Documentarian     


Jenny and Michael devise a "chair dance"

Lexy Ho-Tai's incredible Burmese Python puppet

Jeep dreams of love in the time of mosquitos

Performing for an enthusiastic crowd in Ft. Myers

Archbold is restoring balance to the ecosystem....but at what cost?

Kellogg dreams of staying put

Memories of a dusky sea-side sparrow - now extinct

It's the wildness. It's creeping back in.


2/2  The Everglades @ Long Pine Key Campground

2/2  Coral Gables @ The Kampong

2/2 Ft. Lauderdale @ Esplanade Park

2/14 Lake Worth @ The Cultural Plaza

2/17 - Vero Beach @ The Environmental Learning Center

2/22 - Orlando @ The University of Central Florida

2/25 -  Palatka @ Riverfront Park

2/27 - Gainesville @ Cypress & Grove Brewing Company

3/2 - Brooksville @ The Olive Grove

3/6 - Saint Petersburg @ The St. Pete Shuffleboard Club

3/8 - Tampa @ Silver Meteor Gallery

3/10 - Sarasota @ Fogertyville

3/13 - Fort Myers @ Cornog Plaza

3/16 - Key West @ Mallory Square

3/21 - Homestead @ Aloha Redlands

3/23 - Miami @ Microtheatre Miami

Dara navigates a "Florida hill"...aka a bridge

Kendrick "master sweep" changes her millionth flat

Just chillin' on one of Florida's many strips of supple asphalt

Florida Keys camping...before the attack of the"no-see-ums"

Michael is assisted in hauling all our massive gear onto Key West Express. They weren't happy.

Jackie and Miguel, just bein' cute

Michael and Kendrick are so excited to bike all day in the torrential rain

We love each other

  • 1,000+ miles biked

  • 15 performances

  • 41 days on the road

  • 7 performers

  • 1 intern

  • 1 journalist

  • 4 trailers

  • 1 cargo bike

  • 14+ lights, 6+ musical instruments, 1 backdrop,

  • 6 milk jugs, 1 snake puppet carried