Adventures at the Intersection of Theater and Cycling

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For specific dates and locations on our Florida route, please see the UPCOMING SHOWS Page

Our next tour through Florida in 2019 promises to be our most exciting tour yet—with an incredible assemblage of artists, including actors, dancers, singers, musicians, designers, a composer, a writer and a director to tie it altogether. We are already developing an immersive sci-fi premise that explodes our creative world beyond the stage and onto the road. 


In January, we will gather as  Artists-in-Residence in the swamps of the Everglades, to create a brand new play for five weeks.

After, we'll pack up all our costumes, props and set pieces onto our bikes and pedal over 1,000 miles to 15 cities and towns across the state. This year we're also putting on on theater workshops that will allow our participants to be a part of our performance event. 

Our next project centers on the premise of a theater troupe in the future, touring an environmentally-devastated landscape.

In this very plausible imagined landscape, we tour on bicycles, not as an environmental statement, but because fossil fuels have been completely depleted and we have no alternatives. 

This means that the line between landscape we traverse on bikes and the stages we perform on will get very blurry.